Sponsorship Packages

We offer services such as handing out flyers, prints on T-Shirts and more.


No matter if you want us to hand out flyers, stickers, or have your brand’s logo printed on our training gear (T-Shirt), we have an offer for these types of promotion and further upon consultation.

Flyers (per 100 units) € 60
Stickers (per 200 units)€ 80
Print on T-Shirt (per 50 units)€ 400


We also offer sideline cheer, performances, workshops and more.

Sideline Cheer€ 12 p.p / hour
Performance€ 15 p.p. / hour
Workshop€ 15 p.p. / hour

Are you interested in becoming our sponsor or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!